Treasure Hunt Resources

The Annual John H Watson Canonical Treasure Hunt

Recommended Resources List

Most of the Treasure Hunt answers will be no more than 2-10 words — typically names of persons, places or things.  However, the questions are not easy and many may require significant research.

Access to a combination of the following resources is recommended to participants:

  1. An edition of the complete Sherlock Holmes Canon
    While the 1930 Doubleday, single-volume, preface by Christopher Morley, edition of The Complete Sherlock Holmes is the favorite at The John H Watson Society, any full edition will suffice.
  2. An electronic/searchable edition of the Canon, such as the free-use Searching for Sherlock at
  3. An annotated edition of the Canon, such as:
  4. A major Canonical index, such as:
  5. An edition of the Apocryphal tales, such as Sherlock Holmes: The Published Apocrypha, selected and edited by Jack Tracy
  6. An Internet search engine, such as Google or Bing
  7. Various classic writings and books about the Canon
    No definitive list as every Holmes enthusiast has his/her favorites


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