Weekly Quiz 2014: 30

file_download.pngDownload Week 30 Questions and Answers.

Results:  Elinor Gray “Misty” was first in and takes the honours for the week.  The SOB team of Ariana Maher “Carla,” Sheila Holtgrieve “Daisy,” and Margie Deck “Gwen,” triumphed again, adding more to the knowledge of the topic.

Buttons had selected the one reference in the Canon to ‘shotgun’ that is NOT listed in any of the usual references, concordances, encyclopedias, or other word compendiums usually consulted. It was “truncated flowling piece” (a sawed-off shotgun) found in VALL.  This shows once again that Goodrich, Tracy, Baring-Gould and Klinger missed a few now and then.  Answers are above.

This week’s quiz is short, but somewhat difficult.  Have fun!


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