Treasure Hunt Honours

The Second Annual John H Watson World Invitational Canonical Treasure Hunt was held during the entire month of August, 2014. Individuals from the Society and non-members competed and, for the first time, Teams from France, Italy, and the US took … Continue reading

 The John H Watson Society Second World Invitational  Canonical Treasure Hunt is Over!   Results on the Quiz Page on Wednesday, September 3rd.

We are delighted to announce the successful completion of the second annual World Invitational Treasure Hunt. Teams from the US and Europe and individuals from around the world contended for the honours in what has been called the most difficult … Continue reading

Treasure Hunt Began 1 August 2014 at Noon (US/EST)

The Second Annual John H Watson Society World Invitational Treasure Hunt began at noon 1 August 2014.  The questions are available to download on the Treasure Hunt page.  A questions post is available on the Quiz Page and will be the central point … Continue reading

Second Annual John H Watson Society and World Invitational Treasure Hunt To Be Held in August 2014

The Second Annual John H Watson Society and World Invitational Treasure Hunt will be held during the month of August 2014, beginning on 1 August and closing on 1 September, 2014. The Treasure Hunt will consist of 100 exceptionally difficult … Continue reading

The Open International Competition of the Treasure Hunt Won by the Team from France!

The Society is pleased to announce the winners of the Open International Competition of the First Annual John H. Watson Canonical Treasure Hunt: Team France of La Société Sherlock Holmes de France. Their team consisted of M. Thierry Saint-Joanis and … Continue reading

Treasure Hunt Winners!

The 2013 First Annual John H Watson Society Canonical Treasure Hunt was a success! Many of our members (and many non-members) have reported that it was “fiendishly difficult,” “maddeningly hard,” and “just plain tough.” There were 100 questions, linked, requiring … Continue reading

The 2013 Treasure Hunt is Closed. The 2014 Treasure Hunt is Announced!

The 2013 Treasure Hunt is closed. The winners will be announced on Wednesday, 4 September 2013 on this Blog page. The International category will remain open until 9 September 2013 at 12 Noon (Pacific) and the winner of the International … Continue reading

Five Days to the End of the Treasure Hunt

All answers to the Canonical Treasure Hunt must be received by email to by 12 Noon (Pacific Time) on Monday 2 September 2013 to be eligible for the prizes.  The winners in each category will be determined by the … Continue reading