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Watsonian cover The Watsonian: The Journal of the John H Watson Society

The journal of the Society, The Watsonian, is published semi-annually in May and November. The Watsonian features scholarly articles concerning John H Watson, M.D., as well as puzzles, toasts, poetry, fiction, and art.

Members receive a subscription as part of their membership dues. Individual issues may be purchased in the Society Shop.

Editorial Policy

The editorial policy of The Watsonian is to have few editorial policies. The journal is open-minded and receptive to thoughtful as well as amusing articles. As always, By-Laws 1 and 2 must be honoured and good taste must be, at all times, in evidence. It is the intent of the Society to provide a journal for first-time as well as experienced writers who seek to expand The Game and have fun doing so.


The Society welcomes scholarly papers, articles, original fiction, miscellanea or other submissions. One need not be an experienced or academic writer; some of our most engaging articles come from individuals with a love for the writing and appreciation for the pleasures gained over the years.There is always room for your research, thoughts, ideas and creativity. The Society is an inclusive group; we desire interested Watsonians to take part and to approach the Society with innovative projects. Whether you are a first time author is not important; that you try is what counts.

The deadline for the Fall (November ) issue is August 1 and the deadline for the Spring (May) issue is February 15. Late submissions will be considered if possible.

Submissions should be up-to-date Word documents and sent via email attachment to:


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Start the Presses!

The Spring 2016 issue of The Watsonian and the newest edition of the Fiction Series, “The Adventure of the Doctor and the Duellist” (written by Elinor Gray, JHWS “Misty” and illustrated by Basil Chap, JHWS “Bee”), are headed to press. … Continue reading