William Smith, Osteopath and thought-to-be model for John H Watson, MD. Our ever-resourceful Charter Member from Dubai, Kumar Bhatia “Bobbie,” alerts us to breaking news out of the UK and Scotland: By ANDREW ARGO, 6 February 2014 11.40am. Dr Watson, companion of … Continue reading

Kumar Bhatia, JHWS “Bobbie” from Dubai Sends a Very Interesting Question for Your Responses

Below is “Bobbie’s” question: Watson tells us that he was “. . . standing at the Criterion bar” when he met Stamford, “. . . who had been a dresser under me at Bart’s.” The Criterion was then, and is … Continue reading

Kumar Bhatia, JHWS “Bobbie” Sends This Holmes Song

Our member from Dubai, U.A.E, Kumar Bhatia, JHWS “Bobbie” has sent this interesting song and lyric of the original sheet music for “The Ghost of Sherlock Holmes.”  Our great thanks to Kumar for a rare glimpse into a rare collectible. THE GHOST … Continue reading

A Tribute to Jeremy Brett on the Anniversary of His Passing by Charter Member Kumar Bhatia, JHWS “Bobbie”

Our esteemed member from Dubai, Kumar Bhatia, JHWS “Bobbie” has written this kind and moving tribute to the great actor Jeremy Brett who portrayed Sherlock Holmes for many years in the Granada Film series. A Great Actor, a Greater Human … Continue reading