International Friendship Day: An Article by JHWS Member Kumar Bhatia of Dubai

Our esteemed member, Kumar Bhatia of Dubai, UAE and India, a member of the Sherlock Holmes Society of India, has written a poignant view of the friendship between Dr Watson and Mr Holmes. It is particularly appropriate as this is the time of year the United Nations designates as “International Friendship Day.”

We thank Mr Bhatia for his contribution and look forward to its appearance in The Watsonian.

Please click on the link below for Mr. Bhatia’s article in a PDF form (saved in Word 93-2000 so all can access).

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With seemingly no takers on “death” let’s lighten up a bit.

We know Dr Watson has a “pawky” sense of humour which is defined as “shrewd and cunning, often in a humourous manner; chiefly British.”

We also know Holmes rarely laughs, but are there instances of Dr Watson laughing?

Death in the Canon

Dr Watson writes often of death, either through murder or other causes. Can you catalogue the deaths – of all and any types – mentioned in the Canon? This would make an interesting paper: “Thanatopsis and the Sacred Canon”

Six Days to the Treasure Hunt

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 Welcome to James McArthur, JHWS “Max”

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James writes:

“I don’t presently belong to any other Sherlockian societies. I was formerly a member of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London. I recently became busy with another interest of Dr. Watson’s literary agent: that of Spiritualism.

I don’t believe there are any Sherlockian societies in the New Orleans area. I understand there was a group called Le Cercle de Sherlock Holmes, but they became inactive about the time (2007 or so) I started to become interested in the Canon.

I am also interested in the Nero Wolfe stories and am a member of The Wolfe Pack: the only member in Louisiana or Mississippi, I’ve been informed.”

We extend a warm welcome and look forward to James’s participation in our Quizzes and activities, and we invite his articles for the journal. Please join in the Society greeting to James:

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