An Army Tid Bit, Courtesy of Dr Watson’s Neglected Patients

No activity recorded for today, so here is a little known fact unearthed from a Dr Watson’s Neglected Patients past event.

A question came up at Ron Lies’ presentation of The Sign of the Four at the September 2006 meeting as to whether British Army at the time were all volunteers at that time or were they conscripted. The Staff Surgeon (Stan Moskal) researched this question and found the answer on page 80 of Mr. Kipling’s Army: All the Queen’s Men, by Byron Farwell:

It was and had always been an army of volunteers; not until the middle of the First World War (January 1916) did Britain resort to conscription. From 1783 until 1806 men enlisted for life; then for a twenty-three-year, enlistments were seven years for the infantry, ten years for the cavalry and twelve years for sappers and gunners. In 1829 Parliament restored the life engagement; in 1847 this was changed to twenty-one years- which was much the same thing. In 1870 ‘short service’ was introduced. Men enlisted for twelve years, but spent only three to seven years with the colours and the remainder in reserve.

See the original post on the Dr Watson’s Neglected Patients site: Some Random Notes.

Quiz: Like an Animal

This week’s Quiz is a single question, submitted by Enrico Solito, JHWS “Devon”

Animals are important in the Canon. In four different sentences, one person is described with similarities to three different animals. Who is it, what are the animals, and in which story does the person appear?

Submit your answers for a total of 5 possible points (1 person, 3 animals, 1 story) by email to Selena by Sunday, October 23.

If you’ve been bitten by the bug to create your own Canonical Quiz, don’t forget you can send your questions to Selena, too!

Roll Call: Sherlock Seattle 2016

Illustration by Philip Cornell, JHWS "Parkes"

Illustration by Philip Cornell, JHWS “Parkes”

This year’s Sherlock Seattle WATSON WASHINGTON Con is less than two weeks away now. And, this year, it’s all about our favorite fellow, Doctor John H Watson.

This year we’re taking the focus off of Sherlock Holmes and instead we are celebrating his amazing companion, Dr. Watson! As such for 2016 we are Watson Washington, a convention where we celebrate all things John Watson, from the original ACD canon stories to the latest incarnations of the world’s most famous doctor, and you’re invited to join us!

Our own Robert Ryan, JHWS “Caesar” and author of the “Dr Watson at War” novels, and Lawrence Albert, JHWS “Bertie” and the voice of Doctor Watson for Imagination Theater, are the Guests of Honor.

They’ll be joined by Elinor Gray, JHWS “Misty”, Ariana Maher, JHWS “Carla”, and Beth Gallego, JHWS “Selena Buttons” for a special panel at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday called “A Society for our Dear Doctor”.

While there are a plethora of societies celebrating Sherlock Holmes, there is only one society that specifically celebrates our favorite doctor – the John H Watson Society! Come meet some of it’s members and learn about how this society was recently founded, their current activities (such as publications, treasure hunts, and online discussions), and our enthusiasm for Dr John H. Watson!

We will also be in the Dealers’ Room with copies of the Watsonian and other publications for sale, as well as the opportunity to join or to renew your membership.

Will you be in Seattle for the Convention this year? Check in in the comments to this post!